Featured stones this month: Tourmaline (October’s birthstone), and one of our year-long favorites, Moonstone. Shop stone jewelry styles here.

“Step into my garden. With the In Bloom collection, I chose to focus on the natural, raw beauty of the gemstones that brought me into jewelry making.”

—Jessica, Luna Norte Co-Founder

“Fashion isn’t interesting when it comes from an uninspired place. Sometimes inspiration strikes when we shift our paradigm. Have fun, mix-and-match and don’t be afraid of a little eccentricity.”

—Rosemary, Luna Norte Co-Founder

Shop Tourmaline Jewelry

Tourmalinated Quartz Crystals

Shop double-terminated tourmalinated quartz here.

Video meeting? Put your hair in a bun, drink coffee, and handle it. Like life, a hair stick up-do is perfectly imperfect.

Hand-sewn Face Masks

Follow protocol while supporting local business. Masks handmade in San Diego, California, by Tina White, designer and leatherista of Hard To Kill custom leather goods.