“Step into my garden. With the In Bloom collection, I chose to focus on the natural, raw beauty of the gemstones that brought me into jewelry making.”

—Jessica, Luna Norte Co-Founder

“The concepts of mixing, mashing-up and unconventional approaches were on my mind when inspiration struck while designing for Artist Palette. Jewelry can be art – art that travels with you, expresses your personality, and reflects your outlook on the world.”

­—Rosemary, Luna Norte Co-Founder

What Does “Small Batch” Mean to Us, You Ask?

We choose to design with rare gemstones and handmade components. Many of our styles are exclusive, and made in a traditional “small batch” way. This makes our pieces special and memorable to us. Often, once a piece is gone, it’s gone for good. Read more…

Herkimer Quartz

These double-terminated quartz crystals are one of our favorite stones.

Whether for protection or decoration, we’ve got you covered. Shop crystals and decor here.

There’s no mystery about this Bermuda Triangle — it’s simply charming! Dive in to see new colors.

Hand-sewn Face Masks

Follow protocol while supporting local business. Masks handmade in San Diego, California, by Tina White, designer and leatherista of Hard To Kill custom leather goods.