“Step into my garden. With the In Bloom collection, I chose to focus on the natural, raw beauty of the gemstones that brought me into jewelry making.”

—Jessica, Luna Norte Co-Founder

“The concepts of mixing, mashing-up and unconventional approaches were on my mind when inspiration struck while designing for Artist Palette. Jewelry can be art – art that travels with you, expresses your personality, and reflects your outlook on the world.”

­—Rosemary, Luna Norte Co-Founder

What Does “Small Batch” Mean to Us, You Ask?

We choose to design with rare gemstones and handmade components. Many of our styles are exclusive, and made in a traditional “small batch” way. This makes our pieces special and memorable to us. Often, once a piece is gone, it’s gone for good. Read more…


The perfect bridge between geology and gemology, ammonites are fossils of once living creatures that lived some 66 to 400 million years ago.

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Our Greatest Hits in New Colors

Hand-sewn Face Masks

Follow protocol while supporting local business. Masks handmade in San Diego, California, by Tina White, designer and leatherista of Hard To Kill custom leather goods.