At Luna Norte we combine an array of elements to form innovative designs with an eye towards quality, usability, and ingenuity. We believe that jewelry is an adventure rather than an accessory, a story rather than a feature. Something that stimulates curiosity, encourages strength, and challenges the status quo. Designs infused with nature, the aesthetics of our surroundings, and the stones that catch our eyes while we search for something foreign amongst the familiar.

Avant garde fashion, gemology, and fine arts are the founding principles, but the solace we find is in the open world, the stretch of the skyline, the gardens filled with jasmine flower constellations- this is what truly informs our art. And to us, our jewelry is exactly that. Art.

Art that journeys with you, reflecting your place in the world and the pace in which you move through it. Giving light to a new perspective that it’s not about what different lifestyles we lead, it’s about what connects us and what qualities we share. Everyone is an artist. Whether your style is eclectic, bohemian, vintage, modern or minimalist, our jewelry allows you to create a story with every outfit. Your story.

Our story begins in 2014, when passion for the natural beauty surrounding us fused with our decades of artistic experience to create a timeless brand that embodies our fundamental values- quality, comfort, aesthetic, and affordability. Finding that each integral part was shaped by the other, a shared perspective has allowed us to offer thoughtfully hand-selected gemstones in alluring settings, designed to be everlasting.

Luna Norte Owners Jessica and Rosemary


Together, we make our dream a reality by creating a close-knit team of visionaries. A diverse group of artistic professionals with the ability to harness a collaborative approach towards jewelry design and assembly, resulting in a spirited creation of items that we proudly share with you. Our vision is that our exclusive Luna Norte collections will send a message of love, beauty, positivity, and confidence, inspiring the creativity in you. All of our creations are designed with love by a handful of unconventional free spirits who chased their dreams. So that the next time your imagination begins to run wild, you will run with it too.

Yours Truly,

Rosemary Nowell, co-founder
Jessica Blankley GG AJP, co-founder

Raw Tourmaline and Jewelry


A Note from Rosemary, Co-Founder of Luna Norte

At a young age, I began to develop a keen eye for detail and design. After having spent my childhood inspired by the cut-and-sew nature of my upbringing, the entrepreneurial spirit in me was awakened during my first business selling necklaces to classmates in the schoolyard. Being drawn towards the process of integrating vintage looks with new styles guides me when developing original concepts for our jewelry. Connecting art, fashion, and jewelry design, I set forward with a merchandising mindset while looking to the landscapes and culture of my native land, California.

A Note from Jessica, Co-Founder of Luna Norte

I was raised in a quiet town in New Jersey just outside New York City, balancing on the line between small town living and artistic city culture. My lifelong fascination for collecting rocks formed into a career embracing every facet of the jewelry industry and led me west to study metalsmithing. Pursuing my degree in gemology instilled in me an exceptional ability to select and curate extraordinary stones and materials. Taking my craft to heart, I strive to provide unmatched quality. I hope that my vision, blending colors and textures with earthly elements, will evoke a true connection with you.