Artist Palette

Jewelry can be art – art that travels with you, expresses your personality, and reflects your outlook on the world. Fashion isn’t interesting when it comes from an uninspired place. Sometimes inspiration strikes when we shift our paradigm. During quarantine, I had time to think back on my years of studying fine arts and fashion design and creating mix tapes for my friends. The concepts of mixing, mashing-up and unconventional approaches were on my mind when inspiration struck…
For a while now, I’ve had a growing fascination with the aesthetics of the Memphis Group movement of the 80’s. The artists of the Memphis Group sought to bring off-beat whimsy, abstracted forms, and bold color to the prosaic objects in our lives. In the same spirit, I started to mix geometric shapes and gemstones with vibrant natural colors and patterns in a way I never had before. The latitude I gave myself to experiment was truly liberating! An artist can work with the same materials over and over, but with a change in perspective, something new and fresh can emerge from the same old, same old. I was struck by that thought when digging into my trove of beads, seeing gemstones I had previously overlooked in a new light. The first result of my efforts was Milan, the signature piece of Artist’s Palette. The playful, vibrant and unorthodox appeal of Milan informs the entire collection.
As an artist and designer, I appreciate the challenge of designing pieces that are different, maybe a bit quirky, and preferably made by hand. I consider my jewelry designs to be unfinished in the sense I encourage people to add to them their own creativity and personality. Have fun, mix-and-match and don’t be afraid of a little eccentricity. I hope this eye-catching assortment of colors and shapes brightens your day as much as it did mine!
Rosie Posie
Luna Norte Co-Founder