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Creating Small Batch Collections

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What does “small batch” mean to us, you ask?

Traditionally, small batch goods are made in limited quantities often by means of traditional or artisanal methods. As makers, the small batch movement is uplifting, challenging and rewarding. It reminds us there is still room for a keen eye and a skilled hand.

Because we choose to design with rare gemstones and handmade components, many of our styles are exclusive, and made in a traditional “small batch” way. This makes our pieces special and memorable to us. Often, once a piece is gone, it’s gone for good!

There are many reasons we have designed these “small batch” pieces for both Artist Palette and In Bloom collections. When we encounter extraordinary stones that we cannot source in larger quantities, we set aside just enough to share with others who might appreciate such uncommon stones – stones not typically used by larger fashion brands. Larger fashion houses generally offer materials which are consistent in shape, size and color, overlooking the natural beauty in less uniform stones. For us, the excitement of working with gemstones lies in the inconsistencies — the variety of natural crystal structures, inclusions and lusters. We challenge ourselves to be creative and to rediscover forms and colors we may have overlooked in the past. We hope you enjoy our “small batch” pieces thoughtfully designed, crafted and packaged by a rare and unique bunch in San Diego, California.

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