One Tree Planted

In consideration of our planet, we have made a donation to One Tree Planted— an organization that plants trees all over the world to help combat deforestation and climate change. We are grateful for the work this organization does in support of a cause so personal to us. One Tree Planted allows you to choose a location where they will plant seeds with your donation. This time, we chose to focus on the Amazon Rainforest and Plant Trees for Chimpanzees, an initiative that works closely with The Jane Goodall Institute with a focus in the Albertine Rift forests of Uganda.

As admirers of our magical Mother Earth, we will continue to learn how we can help aid in the preservation and restoration of our beautiful planet. We chose this cause because trees are vital for our planet— they absorb carbon dioxide from the air and expel oxygen for all living creatures to breathe. Trees are also crucial for wildlife habitat and for preserving soil for plant life to flourish! If you are interested in this cause, we encourage you to donate to One Tree Planted if you are able! For every $1 donated they plant 1 tree, therefore no donation is too small. 

Spreading the love, one seed at a time.

What it Means to Us

A note from Luna Norte co-founder, Rosemary: 

In 2012, I traveled through Ecuador spending most of the time in the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve which is an important nature reserve in Amazonia. I was hypnotized by the immense scale of the rainforest and its range of plants and wildlife, putting into perspective how small we are in comparison. Knowing that these magical undiscovered places and the life that lives there is threatened is disheartening.

A note from Luna Norte co-founder, Jessica:

I have had a strong love for animals my whole life. When I was a child my mother ran a wildlife rehabilitation program in New Jersey. We often had orphaned or injured wildlife that we cared for until it was time for their release back to the wild. It wasn’t uncommon to find raccoons, opossums, rabbits, squirrels and ducks in our home. It was a delicate balance to help them, but not to let them get too accustomed to humans. There are so many little things you can do in your own home to help endangered species. One of my favorite things is to plant native milkweed to encourage monarch rehabilitation. 

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