Hi! Jess here, cofounder of Luna Norte and designer of the Freshly Picked collection! I was inspired to create Freshly Picked by the lush rich produce, colorful flowers, and the wild and unruly plant life of my garden. This collection is a branch off of the In Bloom collection, which was also inspired by freshly blooming flowers.

To me, harvesting fruits and vegetables is a lot like sourcing and picking gemstones. Each has a formation process where they grow from seed to bloom, and from elements to stone. Then, they are carefully selected based on color richness and vibrancy. 

When I’m in my garden, I find myself daydreaming and feeling most at peace. It often reminds me of my native New Jersey (also known as the Garden State) where my roots are. A lot of this collection is going back to my roots and thinking about why I started designing jewelry in the first place. While studying gemology, I became passionate about what makes each stone unique. In this collection I used a lot of Herkimer Quartz, Tourmaline, Moonstone, Citrine, Sunstone, and Labradorite. In many of these stones, it’s actually their impurities that make them special.  Each provides its own color, design capabilities, and individual properties. When I first started designing jewelry, I aimed to create timeless pieces that are practical for everyday wear and become someone’s go-to piece of jewelry that makes them feel beautiful. 

For this collection, I played with wire wrapped beaded chains to give an effortless pop of color and with different lengths to layer beautifully with a solid chain or other beaded pieces from this collection or other Luna Norte pieces. I included a lot of necklace sets, pairing these beaded chains with a vintage inspired star engraved charm embellished with a crystal. I also incorporated a lot of chunky chains accented with stones, inspired by vintage east coast style jewelry. To me, chunky gold or silver chains provide the best accessory for dressing up casual wear or to spicing up an outfit for a night out.

When the weather gets a little warmer, I love throwing on a sun dress and a few anklets to decorate my bare feet. I love wearing things that are easy and comfortable, so I rely a lot on my jewelry to accessorize and dress up my wardrobe. Bracelets are great for giving some color, texture, and vibrancy to any outfit; the more stacked together the better! Same with necklaces, I love wearing a dainty collar necklace, a mid length necklace, and one or two longer chained necklaces. Each necklace in this collection is intentionally designed to layer well with one another and with other lengths, so I encourage you to make your own collection! I kept the earrings light and airy so they give the perfect balance of gemstone without being too heavy or dramatic. I wear my rings every day so I need them to be strong and secure. All of the rings in this collection are made of sterling silver so that they’re ready for wherever life takes us. 

Freshly Picked gemstones, cultivated and created, from our loving hands to yours!

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