Front Back Styling Tips from our Brand Strategist

At Luna Norte we aspire to break boundaries and challenge conventional styles in order to keep each day feeling inspiring. Our jewelry is meant to empower creativity by channeling your desire for something new in a world of repetition. We designed our front-back earrings with the hope that you would have as much fun as we do designing custom looks that suit your unique style. Front-back earrings create the illusion of an additional earring that radiates from the back of your ear. They are versatile and can be adjusted to your ever-changing style. You can combine staple pieces you already have in your jewelry box to effortlessly create a refreshing look. We encourage you to be daring, to mix and match, and to make your own style rules. To test our style boundaries, our Brand Strategist, Kelly, created several looks for each element of her life.

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Styled for a Hike

Styled for Happy Hour

The best jewelry you own is jewelry that can be worn everyday no matter where life takes you. It’s the pieces that you still want to wear time and time again, even as your fashion choices and lifestyle change. You shouldn’t have to take off your earrings just because you are putting on your hiking boots. The subtle statement of front back earrings make them the perfect accessory for any physical activity. For drinks with your friends after the hike, switch out the post for a simple gold hoop to elevate a classic style.

Styled for an Art Opening

Styled for Work

Wander around the gallery, with your very own piece of art hung behind your ear with the Of Fire Front Back Earring. If you need to be ready for an in-office meeting you can skip the party in the back and opt for business in the front by styling the oblong ear jacket as a regular post.

Styled for a Concert

Styled for a Picnic

Don’t let the name fool you, these Ball and Chain Earrings won’t hold you back from the thrill of life. Kelly added an ear cuff with the genuine Kunzite sphere that is suspended from behind her ear for an edgy pairing. Although this look is perfect for a concert, we don’t recommend moshing with these in. For lounging in the park with a charcuterie board, Kelly added a labradorite post for double the labradorescence, so when the sun hits- you bring all the shine. It’s the perfect two for one when you can also style the original cube posts as a second earring.

Styled for a Museum Exhibit

Styled for Thrifting

Wearing jewelry dates back to ancient times when necklaces and bracelets were made from stones, seashells, and animal teeth and bones. You can wear a piece of history while learning about the past with the Marine Front Back Earrings that feature your very own ammonite fossil. If strolling through a museum doesn’t sound like your idea of fun, Kelly created a look that is perfect for thrifting. Whether you spend your weekends staking out the best estate sales, or you like the excitement of hunting through a flea market for your next treasure, this attention grabbing look is for you. We know you’ve heard of earring stacks, but who knew you could stack three earrings with just one piercing. This look is bound to inspire unlikely pairings on your next thrift excursion!

Styled for Brunch

Styled for a Zoom Meeting

Forget the Sunday scaries, it’s time for brunch. Pair the hoops you still have in from last night’s happy hour and switch out the ear jacket for a new take on the classic hoop. When Monday rolls around, and it’s time for the video call with your boss, don’t dress down just because you are working from home. Studies show that when you look good, you feel good, which actually leads to higher productivity. So embellish your earrings with a drop back and your boss will never suspect that you’re wearing pajama bottoms with your work top.