Finding the Perfect Gift

Whether you’re shopping for a holiday, an anniversary, a birthday, or just because— we’ve got you! We believe that we’ve got a gift for everyone. To help you find out what would be a great gift for a specific person in your life, we’ve outlined some gift ideas you could give depending on their vibe!

If you really think about what the person you want to buy a gift for wears, what their style/personality is, and what they seem to be interested in then finding them a gift they’ll love is simple. We’re just here to help point you in the right direction!

Many times people go with the kind of gift they would wear themselves. Which, unless you’re buying a gift for yourself (which you should definitely always do!), doesn’t always translate to what the gift recipient would like. I always ask myself, what could I see them wearing? What colors do they often wear? And what kind of styles have I seen them wear before? So.. we’ve set up a Q&A for you where I ask you questions about the person you’re gifting and guide you towards a potential answer for you to pick!

If you are looking for something meaningful and symbolic to share, learn more about what each gemstone is believed to symbolize by looking at our Stone Guide.


Giving someone a gift in their own birthstone or the birthstone of their loved one is one of the most thoughtful gifts. Our Delicate Birthstone Necklace is a sweet statement and a beautiful everyday piece and goes perfectly with a pair of our Sterling Birthstone Post Earrings. Nonetheless, we have a variety of items in every birthstone! If you’re wondering what the person’s birthstone is, here’s a list of them by month. 

Jewelry: Style and Aesthetic

Buying someone a piece of jewelry is pretty much always well received! It’s sentimental, beautiful, fashionable, and functional. But you might be wondering what kind of jewelry?

Style is an important factor because the way someone dresses dictates what kind of jewelry they’d be most interested in. Does this person like dressing with a bohemian style or are they more classic? If they’re bohemian then they’d probably love a good lariat necklace, The Bee’s Knees Hoop Earring, Equinox Cuff, Go Barefoot Anklet Set, Rough Around The Edges Pyrite Adjustable Ring, and/or our I Pick You Hair Sticks. For a more classic look, you can go for our Driftwood Medallion Necklace, Dream BIG Earrings, Northern Lights Adjustable Bracelet, Tiny Treasures Sterling Silver Ring, and/or our All or Nothing Hair Accessory Set.

Maybe they like glam and/or maybe they’re more earthy! For the glam lovers our Victorian Medallion Necklace, Vision Necklace, Sunshine Statement Earrings, and our Rough Around the Edges Pyrite Ring are sure to dazzle. As for a more earthy type, our Dancing Tourmaline Necklace, Starshine Lariat Necklace, Petrichor Necklace, Flower Child Necklace, Keep it Casual Hoops, one of our Raw Beauty items, and any of our anklets would be a great fit.

If the person loves everything and anything colorful and/or you’ve seen them wear beaded jewelry all signs point to our Artist Palette Collection. These pieces are perfectly suited for people who like their jewelry to have a lot of personality and to be able to flavor up any outfit. The Simply, Frisky Mix Match Necklace set is great for those who would like for their jewelry to be versatile. This piece offers at least five different ways to wear it; you can take the genuine stone pendant on or off and you can separate the chain and beaded strand! If you think they’ll love a multi stone piece then the Milan Beaded Statement Necklace is meant for them! Pair it with a Wildly Colorful Stretch Bracelet and a pair of Color in the Lines Beaded Earring and you’ve set them up with their everyday go-to look. 

Type of Jewelry

Have you seen them wear necklaces? Was it a long necklace or a short necklace?

For a long necklace, they may love one of our medallion necklaces! The Spot On Medallion Necklace is perfect for someone who likes wearing a lot of black, white, and neutral colors. It also goes perfectly in combination with our Dalmatian Jasper Post Earrings and also with our Spot On Earrings. You could also get them one of our Druzy Gold Plated Sterling Silver Necklaces for a more solid colored crystal. For a pop of color, our Rhodochrosite Medallion Necklace and our Labradorite Medallion Necklace are a great accessory to style up any outfit. You can also layer a selection of long and short necklaces that can be worn together!

For a short necklace, they would probably love an Earth, Wind and Fire Necklace and/or our Mint Julep Necklace. These are great everyday wear necklaces.

A necklace on it’s own is a wonderful gift, but if you really want to wow the person, you can get a matching set of earrings! Our Bermuda Triangle Necklace and our Bermuda Triangle Mini Hoops are a couple of our most-loved items, which means that the person you’re gifting would probably love them as well! If you’re looking for something a bolder, another most-loved matching duo is our Rainy Day Necklace and Supernova Earring.

If you’ve seen them wear earrings and are wondering what style would be best, think about what style clothing they wear. Do they like to dress boldly or simply? Most of the time, if someone likes dressing with a statement, they like their jewelry to make a statement. If this sounds like them, then any of our statement pieces would be great especially our WILD! Labradorite Post Earring paired with our Palm Springs Necklace and/or the Brush Strokes Earring and Natures Geode Hoops. For a more delicate style, the Brand New Day Gold Plated Sterling Silver Earring and/or our ge·om·e·try Mini Hoops. If the person has multiple ear piercings or simply would like to have options to mix and match, an earring set is a great option! Our Seeds of Love Hoop Earrings and/or our Sister Moon Single Earring Set.

We also have a variety of bracelets that are the perfect accessory. If they like stacking bracelets, we recommend getting them our June Bug Bracelet, Freshly Picked Cuff Bracelet, Nightshade Bracelet, and Of the Earth Bracelet. Most of these have a coordinating matching necklace if you wanted to do a necklace and bracelet duo, the Three’s Company Necklace, Freshly Picked Necklace, and our California Stars Necklace.

For rings, we have both dainty styles and statement styles in a variety of stones. Picture their hands, if they’re decorated with bold pieces then a Rough Around the Edges Ring would be perfect. If they have softer more subtle rings, then any of our Sterling Silver Rings are the perfect accessory.

See our Jewelry Fit and Measurement Guide for further assistance on finding the right length, earring style, and/or ring size.

Hair jewelry is a great gift for someone who likes to play around with different hairstyles! This would be a great gift for someone who is planning a special day worthy of getting their hair done!

Trinkets and Giftables

Our Trinkets and Giftables category has Crystals, Coasters, Candles, Trinket Boxes and more!

No matter what you give this person, what means the most is the notion of getting them a gift at all! We’d like to leave you with this cheesy (but true) note— the greatest gift is that you have each other.

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