It’s almost that time of year again- where we are scrambling for last minute gifts for the people who mean the most to us. Lucky for you, we’re here to save you the trouble and help point you in the right direction. The sentiment behind a gift always makes it extra special, which is why gemstone jewelry is the perfect way to let your loved ones know you appreciate them as they truly are. Each gemstone is believed to have special metaphysical properties, some of which may remind you of a certain someone in your life making it the perfect gift for them!

For the one who enjoys adventure, is starting a new job, or embarking on a new journey: Kyanite & Malachite

Kyanite is associated with new beginnings and is thought to inspire strength, courage and transformation. Let them know how proud you are by gifting them the Pacific Necklace. Malachite, known as a stone of growth and positivity, is said to be beneficial for forging new paths. The Malachite Medallion Necklace will suit your fearless friend.

For the jokester who has a vibrant zest for life and is never afraid to laugh at themselves: Dalmatian Jasper & Aquamarine

Dalmatian Jasper is believed to be a stone of positivity and playfulness and it is said to aid in the simple joy of being. The Simply, Frisky, Mix Match Necklace Set in Dalmatian Jasper is eccentric and emulates the playfulness that is often associated with the stone. Aquamarine is considered a stone of eternal youth and happiness, which makes the Eclipse Threader Earrings the perfect gift for your forever young friend.

For the creative that picks up hobbies with ease and is constantly expressing themselves through artistic mediums: Bumblebee Jasper & Amazonite

Bumblebee Jasper is said to be a stone of ingenuity, bringing inspiration, confidence and intensity to one’s creative process. The Queen Bee Earrings are the perfect gift to match their innovative approach to life. Amazonite is also believed to enhance creativity. The bright pops of color are bound to break down the barriers of any creative block. The Color in the Lines Beaded Earrings are true to their name and will surely spur inspiration in their next expressive project.

For your best friend and twin flame: Emerald

Emerald is believed to greatly strengthen friendships, so let them know you’re besties for life by gifting the Earth Wind and Fire Necklace or Shine On Ring.

For the brainiac in your life who has a knack for academia: Pyrite

Pyrite is said to enhance intelligence, mental stability, logic, analysis, creativity, and memory. The versatility of the Of Fire Front Back Earrings will surely impress this brilliant pal.

For the friend who takes the stress-free approach to life and is in touch with their inner zen: Amethyst & Moonstone

Amethyst is believed to enhance balance, patience and peace. The Whole Lotta Stone Amethyst Ring is the perfect piece to wear during meditation and mindful thinking. Moonstone is believed to calm and to provide relief from inner stress, making The Serenity Necklace true to its name and the ideal gift for them.

For the Earthly being who is one with nature: Amber, Ammonite & Fossilized Coral

Amber is an ancient petrified tree resin, and its close connection with nature is thought to promote vitality, health and well-being. Ammonite’s spiral shape is thought to represent the journey of life, death, and rebirth. The perfect piece of jewelry for the environmentalist in your life is the Double Trouble Front Back Earrings that feature both of these stones. If they are more in tune with the deep blue rather than land, then Fossilized coral, which is believed to help one to be more balanced and in harmony with nature, will likely suit them best. The Super Bloom Necklace features the dreamy, lace-like flower patterns of Agatized Coral will help them carry their own piece of the sea wherever they go.

For the lover who always offers a shoulder to lean on and lends an ear to listen: Rose Quartz & Rhodochrosite

Rose Quartz is known as the stone of unconditional love. The pretty pinks within the Made you Blush Layered Necklace radiate love and let your dear friend know how much you care. Rhodochrosite is believed to open the heart and promote a positive disposition. It is thought to encourage compassion, love for others, and love for one’s self. The Desert Rose Lariat Necklace is the perfect gift to show you care.

For the go-getter in your life who is always hard at work: Quartz & Citrine

Quartz is believed to be a stone of energy and power and is thought to increase inspiration. The Not So Messy Bun Hair Accessory Set that doubles as a hair tie and bracelet is perfect for them to put their hair in a bun and get stuff done. Citrine is known as the stone of success and prosperity. The High Energy Necklace is perfect for the person who never stops reaching for their dreams.

Let the family and friends in your life know that you are impressed with the special qualities they exude everyday. And as always, the most special gift you can give always comes from within- love and friendship.