Each year our story begins at the Tucson Gem Show where Rosemary and I source gemstones, share ideas, and scout thrift stores and estates for inspiration. This year was different. As we celebrate Luna Norte’s 6th anniversary, 2020 was our first year working on a new collection individually. Each piece reflects how we each spent our time in quarantine and how we’ve evolved this year.  With the “In Bloom” collection, I chose to focus on the natural, raw beauty of the gemstones that brought me into jewelry making.

From the bright green forests of the North East where I grew up, to the sprawling beaches and deserts of southern California where I have planted myself, I’ve always drawn my inspiration from the natural world. As far back as I can remember I’ve been a rock-hunter, a digger-in-the-dirt, a grower-of-plants, a lover and cultivator of all things natural. My penchant for gathering and creating from nature lead me to metalsmithing, gemology, and of course, jewelry. While I enjoy creating jewelry every day, I always choose to recharge by spending time in my garden.

My garden provides so much for me: fresh fruit and vegetables to share with friends, my own herbs for recipes and cocktails. It gives back so much more than I put into it.  It has taught me to be patient, to appreciate simple pleasures, to embrace failure, and to take satisfaction in small victories. When trying to see a silver lining in the events of this year (2020), I’ve been thrilled with the time I have had to spend in my garden. Sowing seeds. Turning soil. Watching things grow. Getting dirty. Tending to my plants and my spirit. When the future seems uncertain, my garden remains a constant.

The aesthetics and forms of my garden served as the inspiration to this collection. I decided to work with gemstones that reflect its natural colors and textures – both vibrant and muted, warm and cool, matte and lustrous, translucent and opaque. I chose to showcase the stones in minimalist, understated pieces letting the beauty of the stones take the lead. I hope this collection speaks to you and inspires you to dig-in, to nurture and to grow wherever you plant yourself.

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