A Curated Collection Inspired by You

Inspired is a curated collection by Luna Norte, designed with your ever-changing daily lifestyle in mind. The pieces in this collection are designed to stand boldly on their own or to elevate any combo you dare.

Whether you feel like dressing up or you’re feeling casual, these versatile pieces can captivate and/or compliment. The curated sets give the option to wear the jewelry all together or on their own. By offering you an experience rather than a simple product, we hope these adornments encourage you to express yourself and shine. We are Inspired by your individualism and creativity, so we crafted this retro line in view of you.

We started with a vision of making refined jewelry that looks back at vintage aesthetics and fashions. Incorporating classic, vintage styles into modern designs is a way to reinvent what jewelry means to the new millennium. We understand that it’s hard to find vintage jewelry that looks new. That is why we feel this collection is especially perfect for anyone who mixes clothing they find in their parent’s closet or found at a thrift shop into their wardrobe. Whether it’s the 60’s or the early 2000’s, a gold hoop is a staple accent in every era. Inspired is neither age nor era specific, making it fun for everyone. If you’re a 70’s gal, you might go for Color Wheel,  if you’re a 90’s gal, you’ll probably like Be Bold, Be Daring. But then again, who knows? Your style is unlike any other. We hope there’s something for everyone in this collection and that maybe you’ll be inspired to branch out and try something brand new to you.

If you are interested in purchasing items from this collection, please email info@lunanorte.com for more information.

The Simply Charmed hoops have the ability to be worn with or without the Amazonite gem charm for a sophisticated playful look or a simple delicate look. Charm and be charmed. 

Live out loud, in full color. Our actions can inspire. Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.

The Be Bold, Be Daring earring and necklace set is inspired by vintage aesthetics and fashions, making the perfect accessory to every and any ensemble. 

Day one: wear a post. Day two: try some hoops. Day three: mix and match.

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