Finding the Perfect Fit for You

Here at Luna Norte, our designers consider that both your style and time are essential so we prioritize making your shopping experience as easy as possible. 

Whether you want to make every day a little more special or you’re preparing for your special day, have fun pairing our jewelry with the style and size that best accents you! We’ve created a visual step-by-step guide of how you can measure sizes and lengths of our jewelry. If you have any additional questions please reach out to us and we’d be happy to help. We encourage you to pave your own path and to mix-and-match pieces to best suit your style!

It’s important to note that everyone is different; different body types, different heights, different styles. That’s what makes us unique and being unique is what makes us beautiful. Realistically – there’s no such thing as a “one size fits all.” Not in fashion and not in jewelry, so we offer a variety of lengths and styles (all including a 2 or 3 inch extender chain) with the hope that everyone can find what they’re looking for. For this reason, we created a jewelry fit guide that shows how different lengths and styles look on real people. One (left) is 5’7 and one (right) is 5’10. Everything from height, neck circumference, and chest size can help determine where a pendant will sit. We want to assist you to find a length that flatters you whether you’re short or tall, plus size or petite. Let us help guide you to the right style for the beauty you are!

Necklace Fit and Style

Crewnecks and boat necks are a perfect silhouette to fit a collar length necklace like the Rayanne Necklace Set and are the best backdrop for longer pendant lengths like the Malachite Medallion Necklace

Turtleneck tops and flirty dresses pair well with a long chain like the Victorian Medallion Necklace or 16-18” pendants like one of the Earth Wind and Fire Necklaces. Feeling edgy? Stack a choker on top of a fitted high neck top.

Cowl necks allow for a choker necklace to stand out and opera lengths like the Fortune Teller Necklace will also be a charming touch. 

V neck collar lines and lariat drop necklace styles like the Always on the Run Lariat Necklace make the perfect match on your first date or your engagement night. 

Halter Necks and off-one-shoulder sleeves don’t always leave much room at the neckline, but gives you the opportunity to play with balance. A statement earring like the Constellation Quartz Post Earring paired with Constellation Quartz Necklace or a cuff like the Rough Around the Edges Black Tourmaline Cuff may satisfy your desire to accessorize. 

Strapless silhouettes are best worn with choker and or collar length necklaces like the Keshi Pearl Necklace Set to highlight the neckline. If your best feature is your neckline then this is the combination for you.

Square necks call for angular statement shapes like the Vision Necklace to guide the eye centrally and fill the space between.

Sweetheart shaped tops and dresses perfectly pair with beaded or charm-like necklaces that accent the curved silhouettes like the Dancing Tourmaline Necklace and the Lily of the Valley Necklace.

Shop by Necklace Length: 14 Inch, 15 Inch, 16 Inch, 17 Inch, 18 Inch, 19 Inch, 20 Inch, 22 Inch, 25 Inch, 28 Inch

Earring Fit and Style

Delicate hoop earrings like the Bermuda Triangle Mini Hoops or the ge·om·e·try Mini Hoops are a charming accent to any ensemble. Dainty hoops stack perfectly for those with multiple ear piercings. Go bigger with the Keep it Casual Hoop Earrings.

Larger styles like the Supernova Earrings or Sunshine Statement Earrings are an organic way to add a statement to your look without being too bold. This length of earring is definitely for those who love large earring styles.

Mismatched Earrings are a playful way to add dimension to your style. You can stand apart from the crowd with bold geometric shapes and large stones like the Nature’s Geode Hoops, or go classic by wearing a set of the Raw Beauty Post Earrings

Ring Size

Finding out what your own ring size is at home is simple. Take a string, small strip of paper or even floss and wrap it around the finger you wish a ring for (make sure it’s not too tight). Mark where whatever you used overlaps and line it straight alongside a ruler in millimeters. Then use the chart below to see what size it is and ta-da, that is your ring size! 

It’s a good rule of thumb to size up either a half or whole ring size for a wide or cigar ring band style.

(If your ruler does not have mm, you can take the number you read in inches and multiple it by 25.4 to find out what it is in millimeters, ex: 1 inch is 25.4mm, or you are using centimeters, then simply multiple the number you read in centimeters by 10, ex: 1cm is 10mm). 

P.S. If you are at all confused by these directions or need further assistance, please look online for more resources or email us your questions at!

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