A Specially Curated Collection

We are beyond excited to share some colossal news with you— Luna Norte is once again collaborating with Urban Outfitters Europe! Signature Luna Norte items like our Ge.om.et.ry Mini Hoop, Bermuda Triangle Mini Hoop, and Earth, Wind and Fire Necklace will be hitting the UO Europe website this spring!

This collection features an all-star lineup of some of our customer’s most-loved jewelry in fiery stones like— Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Rhodochrosite, Citrine, Labradorite, Moonstone, Apatite, Amethyst, Druzy, and Ocean Jasper. Each of these top-rated items showcases genuine stones framed into uniquely structured settings. The stones in our Ge.om.et.ry Mini Hoops are hand faceted into asymmetrical, geometric shapes that showcase each stone’s individual flair; bringing a splash of color and alternative style to your look. The hoops are 14K gold plated sterling silver, perfect for those with sensitive ears. Our sleek Bermuda Triangle Mini Hoops are made of faceted genuine stones and are hand bezel set into delicate triangles that’ll complement virtually any hairstyle and outfit with ease. Our Earth, Wind and Fire Necklaces are the absolute go-to everyday necklace, with an organic freeform pendant gilded in 14kt gold plating and a vibrant display of color pattern. No matter what fashion style you’re in the mood for— hipster, bohemian, streetwear, retro, and even loungewear, each and every item in this cosmic collection will surely reflect your own style and free spirit!

As a small business in California, it’s an honor to be recognized for our unique artistry by a leading global brand like Urban Outfitters. After launching a handful of collections for Urban Outfitters US and Europe, this one in particular is special to us because of our love for the astounding architecture, avant-garde culture, and retro style surrounded by lush greenery that makes up Europe.

Our designs, infused with enchanted naturally occurring formations and hand-tailored settings, are created with the intention of sharing and awakening self-expression within the wearer. As a jewelry brand, we fashion our creations to follow the style and vision of our customer’s individuality. Our inspiration often comes from the beachy scenes of San Diego, the sun kissed desert lands of southern California, and ventures to the big buildings and street lights within the urban city; exploring historic elements with a clash of modern times.

Since the creation of Luna Norte, we’ve been a champion of dreamy color ways revealed by raw stones, fused into original and innovative silhouettes. Our gemstone selection offers a cascade of mediums to work some artistic magic on- like the vibrant brush strokes of red and white inclusions in mauve pink Rhodochrosite stone and the ocean-like swirls and ripples within Ocean Jasper.

Urban Outfitters has hand selected pieces that they believe will compliment their store’s fashion and provide customers with the accessories they need to complete their favorite ensembles. For example— the Ge.om.et.ry Mini Hoop perfectly pairs with a halter top and some high waisted denim with combat boots or a basic tank with a printed skirt. Bermuda Triangle Mini Hoops are sure to compliment an oversized button up over a white tank with some 90s style cargo pants. You can also cozy up in some tie-dye sweats and white sneaks, throw on your Earth, Wind and Fire Necklace and you’re out the door (or chilling at home)!

Luna Norte and Urban Outfitters both have a rare and distinctive feel that when matched together creates a new and exciting vibe. The fusion of two creative visions, providing you with unique and alternative fashion!

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