Formation and History of Onyx

Onyx is a form of microcrystalline quartz from the chalcedony variety. While Onyx is most commonly black, it often has banded white inclusions and can also come in hues of brown, orange, and red. When banded, it is known as Sardonyx. This gemstone can be found in places all over the world including in the US, Madagascar, Greece, Australian, India, Indonesia, Latin America, and the UK to name a few. While some Onyx is natural, much of the Onyx we see today is created by staining agate stone.

Because of its ability to be carved into silhouettes with district features and layers, this stone was popularly used for Ancient intaglios and cameos. The white bands within the stone were able to be carved into shapes on top of the black stone to show scenery. During the Second Dynasty of Egypt, Onyx was used to make vases and bowls amongst other forms of pottery. Alongside its use for decor, Onyx has been used in beaded and pendant jewelry for centuries. 

Legends of a Saturn Stone

Ancient Romans believed that Onyx would provide strength and courage. For this reason, they carved these stones into Mars, the god of war, to use as talismans during battle. Europeans during the Renaissance period wore Onyx for its believed power to enhance one’s ability to communicate effectively and articulately. In ancient India and Persia, this stone was a symbol of protection from negativity, believed to help nurture healthy relationships. Because of Onyx’s believed ability to protect one from danger and encourage resilience, it has been closely related to the planet Saturn, a planet of karma. 

Metaphysical Properties of a Stone of Protection

The historical meaning of this stone holds true today. Onyx is still believed to be a stone of strength, thought to help promote self-confidence and courage. It is believed to help improve focus and stimulate one’s inner power, encouraging growth and overcoming obstacles.

While these qualities are profound and have remained connected to Onyx throughout history, we still have to generate our own inner power. If you want a little charm to get you started, our Crayon Beaded Dainty Necklace, Mix Tape Charm Hoop Earring, Knock Knock Earring Set, Triple Whammy Pendant Necklace, Bermuda Triangle Dainty Collar Necklace, and Bermuda Triangle Mini Hoops are all decorated with stunning Onyx gemstones!

Onyx is also the official gemstone for a 7 year anniversary! Which, today (April 2021) is Luna Norte’s 7 year anniversary since our opening! 

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