Formation and History of a Lover’s Stone

Rose Quartz is one of the most well known pink gemstones in the world. It is named for its pale rose coloring. Rose Quartz is created when a presence of titanium or iron combines with silicon and oxygen during the quartz crystal’s formation. It can be found in a variety of deposits around the world but is primarily sourced from Brazil, South Africa, India and the highest quality is found in Madagascar.

Magic and Mythology of the Rose Colored Gem

For thousands of years, users of this stone believed in its magical powers and used it for talismans. To the Romans, Rose Quartz was used to signify ownership. Ancient Egyptians believed that wearing Rose Quartz prevented aging. During the Middle Ages, it was even used in medical potions meant to help with healing.

Rose Quartz was so important in ancient Greece that there are two well-known myths depicting the stone as a symbol of passion and love. It was believed to have a powerful positive effect on the mind, body and spirit.

In an ancient Greek myth about love, Adonis (God of beauty and attraction) fell in love with his counterpart, Aphrodite (Goddess of love and beauty). Aphrodite’s infatuation with Adonis infuriated her past lover, Ares (God of war). Ares sought every opportunity to seek revenge on Adonis for stealing Aphrodite away. Taking the form of a wild boar, Ares set out to mortally wound Adonis. Adonis’s screams of pain caught the attention of Aphrodite (the ancient Greeks loved writing tragedies)! While rushing down from the heavens, she cut herself on a thorny briar bush. Holding Adonis in her arms, their blood combined, dripping on white quartz and staining it pink, thus forming Rose Quartz. It was the fusion of their blood that led Zeus to show his compassion and empathy. He brought Adonis back to Aphrodite for six months every year. This is how Rose Quartz became known as the Love Stone and the symbol of undying love.

In another ancient Greek story, Cupid and Eros brought Rose Quartz from the heavens to spread love and romance around the mortal world.

Metaphysical Properties of The Stone of Universal Love

Rose Quartz is not only found in jewelry, but also in yoga studios, offices and homes as it is thought to heighten consciousness and meditation.

This stunning gem has been known as the stone of universal and unconditional love for centuries for its believed ability to attract and radiate love. In the Americas, this stone is most often used for its believed power to heal heartache, help inspire, and to encourage feelings of love and compassion within the wearer. After Garnet, Rose Quartz is an alternative birthstone for the month of January.

It has even been suggested for someone in search of love to put a piece of Rose Quartz next to the bed or under one’s pillow to attract a soul mate through one’s dreams. So if you’re wondering what your true love looks like, maybe give this a try!

If you’ve already found your special someone, Rose Quartz makes one of the most sentimental, heartfelt gifts. Because Rose Quartz is believed to promote excitement and harmony in relationships, it is the perfect token of love from you to your partner, especially for Valentine’s Day! Our Made You Blush Necklace is sure to do just that. 

Rose Quartz is also believed to aid in the formation and support of healthy relationships by opening the heart. For this reason, it is a wonderful gift for friends and family. Our Rose Quartz Double Point Crystal and The Power of Love Obelisk are great for home decor and will stand as a reminder of your friendship. 

Most importantly, Rose Quartz is thought to provide a sense of peace and unconditional love (including self-love) making it the perfect gift for yourself! Throw on a pair of our Stop and Smell the Roses Hoop Earrings and love what makes you special.

While these all may be beautiful sentiments about Rose Quartz that have stood the test of time, we all know that love always comes from the heart!

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