Bra Off, Hair Up Amethyst Hair Sticks


Video meeting? Put your hair in a bun, drink some coffee, and handle it. These mini amethyst points are the perfect accent to daily life when daily life has become a smart blouse + sweatpants. Great for WFH, beach lounging or a summer hike, wear them alone or as a pair. Ideal for any hair style, short or long. Singles are best for thinner or short hair, doubles for thicker longer hair.


Clarity, Balance, Inner Healing
Amethyst is thought to be the stone of protection; believed to bring calm, balance, patience and peace.

Style Details:

Genuine Amethyst hair sticks, Set of 2.
14KT gold plated brass pick: 5″
Amethyst: approx. o.63″ x 0.50″
Because these are natural stones, size, color and shape may vary slightly.

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