Energy Crystal Set


This trio of quartz obelisks makes a bold statement on any dresser, shelf, desk or windowsill.

A quick lesson in gemology:

The second most abundant mineral on Earth, quartz is a hard, crystalline mineral composed of silicon and oxygen atoms. Quartz comes in a variety of colors which are caused by the presence of impurities.

Amethyst gets its purple coloring from iron in the area where the quartz formed. The chevron amethyst in this collection is a striking combination of amethyst and white quartz that grew together to create a dramatic chevron, or striped pattern.

Green Aventurine owes its characteristic shimmer (or aventurescence as we call it in the gem world) to plate-like, or flaky mica inclusions. Fucshite inclusions give it its signature green color.

Rock Crystal Quartz, a clear quartz, is so magical. Inside each stone you can see many different inclusions. Minerals, gas bubbles, water bubbles and even tiny fissures refract the light inside the gemstone sometimes creating a rainbow illusion.

Each hand cut obelisk is truly one of a kind. We carefully selected the very best specimens for this collection.

Style Details:

Set of 3 Gemstones
Stones:  3″ x 2.25″
(Stones are hand cut and will vary in size slightly.)

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