Gratitude Crystal Set


A Sodalite obelisk for balance, an Amethyst sphere for peace, a double point Quartz for clarity, and a Apatite obelisk for focus. Together, these gemstones are believed to bring positive thoughts. Place this crystal set in your space as a reminder to practice gratitude and kindness.


Creativity, Communication, Focus
Apatite is said to stimulate ideas as well as help to increase intellect, focus and imagination. This stone is thought to help build confidence and aid in communication.


Clarity, Balance, Inner Healing
Amethyst is thought to be the stone of protection; believed to bring calm, balance, patience and peace to the user.


Power, Energy, Clarity
Quartz can be used to purify and clarify the spiritual, mental and physical planes, clearing away negative energy and increasing inspiration and creativity.


Balance, Clarity, Truth
Sodalite is thought to help balance emotions, providing a sense of mental clarity and confidence within the user. It is believed to encourage self acceptance and alignment with one’s truest self.


Style Details:

Set of 4 genuine sodalite obelisk, amethyst sphere, double-point quartz and apatite obelisk
Sodalite Obelisk: 3.4″ height, 0.9″ width
Apatite Obelisk: 2.2″ height, 0.8″ width
Amethyst: 1.5″ diameter
Quartz Double Point: 1.8″ length, 0.7″ width

Each stone is unique. Size, color and shape will vary
These stones are natural and fragile. Please be gentle when handling

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