Harmony Candle Holder


Yin and Yang, two opposing forces coming together in harmony. This candle holder can be placed together as one or shared with your twin flame. Whichever you choose- light the tea lights and remind yourself to embrace the dualities of life.


Inner Peace, Intuition, Protection
Selenite is a mineral thought to emanate positive vibrations, eliminating negative energy and fostering harmony. It is believed to help calm the user, opening channels to intuition and insight. Not only is it thought to be effective for cleansing personal energy, but it serves to purify your environment and even other crystals.

Style Details:

Genuine selenite candle holder
Diameter Approx. 4″
Single: 2.37″ width 4.15″ length 1.38″ height
(Each stone is unique. Size and shape will vary).

Purchase of candle holder includes two standard size tea lights and one exclusive Luna Norte matchbox. 

Always place your candle holder on a heat safe surface away from children and pets. Do not leave burning candles left unattended. These stones are natural and fragile. Please be gentle when handling.

Selenite is a crystal form of gypsum, which is a soft sulfate mineral and is water soluble. Selenite can be damaged when soaked in water or exposed to humidity.

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