Marine Front Back Post Earrings


Wear a piece of ancient history with our ammonite front/back earrings. Ammonites, perhaps the most widely known fossil, lived in the seas between 240 – 265 million years ago. The name ammonite was inspired by the ancient ram-horned deity Ammon. The ammonite shape echoes the spiral of ram horns.

Fashion tip 101: wear ammonite post alone, together, or wear fringe back with any post earrings. Its versatility makes this a timeless piece.


Stability, Energy, Power
Ammonite is associated with change, resiliency, and overcoming obstacles. The spiral shape represents the journey of life, death, and rebirth.

Style Details:

Genuine Ammonite, Sterling Silver Front Back Post Earrings
Length: 1.5″
Hoop diameter: 11/16″
Ammonite: 5/16″ length, ⅜″ width (Each stone is unique. Size, color and shape may vary slightly).
Made in India

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