Out of the Blue Candle Holder


Add an unexpected touch of warmth to your home with this cool blue Sodalite candle holder. Blue is the color of relaxation and peace, light this candle and channel tranquility.


Balance, Clarity, Truth
Sodalite is thought to help balance emotions, providing a sense of mental clarity and confidence within the user. It is believed to encourage self acceptance and alignment with one’s truest self.

Style Details:

Genuine sodalite candle holder
Approx. 4.5″ width, 5″ length, 2.29″ height
(Each stone is unique. Size and shape will vary).

Purchase of candle holder includes one standard size tea light and one exclusive Luna Norte matchbox. 

Always place your candle holder on a heat safe surface away from children and pets. Do not leave burning candles left unattended. These stones are natural and fragile. Please be gentle when handling.

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