Pharaoh Necklace


Throughout history, Turquoise has been a culturally important gemstone. Fashioned into beads and paired with gold, Turquoise can be found adorning pharaohs like Tutankhamun. This piece is a nod to the ancients! Facts: It’s December’s birthstone and the stone for Sagittarians.


✧ December birthstone ✧
Purification, Wisdom, Balance
A purification stone, turquoise helps dispel negative energy and protect from outside influences. It is a calming stone that promotes communication, self-realization and creative problem solving.

Style Details:

14KT gold plated brass, genuine turquoise necklace.
Chain length: 16″ with a 2″ extender chain.
Turquoise: ⅝″ length, ½″ width
Assembled in USA with imported components.

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