Sister Star Single Earring Set


Keep these celestial bodies in your orbit. A choice of 8 cosmically themed single earrings keeps things fresh and fun. Wear as mismatched pairs. Perfect for multiple piercings.

Style Details:

14KT gold plated brass mismatched hoop and post earring set.
Genuine Tourmaline
Hoop: 0.50″ diameter
Tourmaline on hoop: 0.2″ length, 0.18″ width
Tourmaline post: 0.25″ length, 0.25″ width
CZ bar post: 0.27″ length, 0.06″ width
Starburst post with CZs: 0.36″ length, 0.36″ width
Starburst post with drop: 0.25″ width with 1″ drop
faceted tourmaline beads: 0.12″ length, 0.06″ width
Crescent charm with CZ on hoop: 0.25″ length, 0.17″ width
Star charm with CZ on hoop: 0.25″


✧ October’s birthstone ✧
Balance, Compassion, Awareness
Tourmaline is said to foster a connection with the higher self, promoting deeper understanding and encouraging new perspectives. It is thought to inspire self-confidence and balance the mind.

Small batch, handmade jewelry designed in our San Diego studio.
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