Wild Thing Necklace


Stay Wild

“You were not born a statue
Nor rooted like a tree.
You were born a wild one;
A spirit pure and free.

No cage should hold you captive.
No title should define.
You’re flexible and fluid,
So can change at any time.

With nothing set in stone
And so much to explore
Wander down a million paths
And rattle every door.

Never stop adventuring.
Embrace your inner child.
Stay fearless & stay curious.
Stay positive. Stay wild. ”

– Ms Moem

Herkimer (Diamond) Quartz

✧ April’s birthstone ✧
Balance, Energy, Harmony
Known as “Herkimer Diamonds,” these are said to be the most powerful of all quartz crystals. Naturally occurring with two points, they are believed to both transmit and receive spiritual energy.

Style Details

Option of: 14KT gold plated brass, or Silver Plated Brass
Genuine herkimer quartz necklace.
Necklace length: 22″ with a 2″ extender chain
Herkimer Quartz: approx. 0.40″ width, 0.50″ length

Small batch, handmade jewelry designed in our San Diego studio.
Exclusive to lunanorte.com


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14KT Gold Plated Brass, Silver Plated Brass