Wish Upon Crystal Set


Wish upon a star and watch your dreams come true. A Banded Calcite obelisk for relaxation, a Flower Agate star for passion, a Quartz pyramid for power, and a Moonstone sphere for hope. Place this crystal set in your space as a reminder to never stop dreaming.


Strength, Hope, Clarity
Moonstone is believed to calm and to provide relief from emotional stress. It is also believed to provide protection and is associated with love.


Power, Energy, Clarity
Quartz can be used to purify and clarify the spiritual, mental and physical planes, clearing away negative energy and increasing inspiration and creativity.

Banded Calcite

Energy, Healing, Relaxation
Banded Calcite is believed to amplify positive energy and to encourage the flow of good vibrations. It is also thought to help cleanse and purify one’s personal space, restoring a sense of calm and peacefulness.

Flower Agate

Growth, Passion, Vitality
Flower Agate is believed to be the stone of personal growth and reflection. It is thought to ignite motivation to pursue dreams and bring a zest for life.

Style Details:

Set of 4 genuine stones:  Moonstone, Banded Calcite, Clear Quartz, and Flower Agate
Moonstone Sphere: 1.9″ diameter
Flower Agate Star: 1.9″ length, 1.7″ width
Quartz Pyramid: 0.9″ height ,1.1″ base
Banded Calcite Obelisk: 3.5″ length, 0.8″ width

Each stone is unique. Size, color and shape will vary
These stones are natural and fragile. Please be gentle when handling

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