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Sophia wears Luna Norte in Netflix’s Girlboss Series

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In the early stages of Luna Norte, we were fueled by iced black coffee and inspired by other women who were also making it happen. After working extremely hard in the jewelry industry for years, we knew having a creative work environment was long overdue. Sophia Amoruso’s #GIRLBOSS book was one of our favorite reads and it helped reaffirm confidence in our vision that yes, we can do this!

Fast forward a few years and we are watching Season 1 Episode 5 of Kay Cannon’s new Netflix series, Girlboss. Suddenly, right before our eyes is Luna Norte’s She Brings the Rain necklace on the character Sophia, played by Britt Robertson.

Everyone always thinks that celebrity stylists or film producers request a piece of jewelry from designers but that’s not always the case. Majority of the time, the actors or stylists simply shop online and find something they love. When the show or movie airs, we are just as pleasantly surprised as you! It’s always rewarding to see our hard work, long hours and dedication come to fruition. We love to know that other people love what we do too.

Annie (Ellie Reed) and Sophia (Britt Robertson) hitching a ride in Episode 5: Top 8

Sophia’s character seen wearing She Brings the Rain Necklace

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