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Style Journal: Alternative Ways to Style Your Versatile Jewelry

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Alternative Style Tips from our Brand Strategist

As jewelry lovers and designers, we are no stranger to the unopened compartments of  jewelry boxes and the unworn pieces that are hidden within. It is easy to fall into habit, and even easier to stay in your comfort zone when it comes to accessorizing. Whether those earrings that lay untouched feel ‘so last season’ or the necklace with the tags still on doesn’t suit any of your shirt necklines, there are always ways to give these pieces a new life. We never want jewelry to feel monotonous, that’s why at Luna Norte we aim to design versatile pieces that are free to be interpreted by the wearer and inspire unique ways of styling. To show the versatility of our jewelry, our Brand Strategist, Kelly, put together alternative ways to style some of our pieces. 

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Styled for Brunch

Styled for Thrifting

While some may think of anklets as only being worn while running barefoot in the summer, we are in full support of sporting them all year long- no matter the season. While traditional anklet sizes may be too small to wrap around chunkier boots and booties, using shorter necklaces like the Rain or Shine Lariat fit around the cowboy boots like they were made for each other. The thick chain with the drop of Herkimer Quartz adds a chic statement to the western wear.

Styled for a Zoom Meeting

Styled for a Concert

Although the To and Fro Earrings were designed for individuals who have more than one ear piercing, you don’t need to fret over having FOMO if you only have one traditional piercing. These chained huggie hoop earrings still create an eye-catching statement while they hang down on their own, and add even more allure if you connect one end to a braided section of hair. You can experiment with cascading it from your first piercing to your helix piercing, or keep it simple and let it zig zag from your second hole to your third.

Styled for Happy Hour

Styled for a Wedding

When it comes to accessorizing a backless or plunging-back garment you can spice the look up even more by wearing a necklace backwards. By turning the Sea and Stone Necklace into a backlace it will bring all the attention to the dramatic cut of your wardrobe and add shine in an unexpected place. This will also create the look of a delicate choker from the front resulting in you looking your best from all angles.

Styled for Date Night

Styled for Lounging

Like we said, we get it. Sometimes you just want a simple hoop for when you wear athleisure or you are hanging poolside. That’s why most of our charmed Earring styles, like these On Point Mini Hoops leave you with options. Whether you want to leave the charms on or slide them off, they are versatile enough to be worn on any occasion. Other styles that can also opt in or out of the charm are the Keep it Casual Hoops, the Studio 54 Hoops, and the Rayanne Interchangeable Hoops– just to name a few! By adding these versatile styles to your collection, you can always feel like you are dressed for the occasion.

Styled for an Art Opening

Styled for Work

Wearing a high neck button-up shirt can feel restricting when it comes to pairing accessories. Instead of opting out of wearing jewelry, you can wear the Wrapped Up Necklace by doubling up the chain for a faux layered look that lets the Labradorite pendant peek out from under your collar. 

Styled for a Picnic

Styled for a Road Trip

To create the illusion of a stacked bracelet you can wrap the Unearthed Necklace around your wrist. This adds double the Herkimer Quartz shine, and you won’t have to worry about your stack getting tangled. Now, go grab your abandoned jewelry and think outside the box of their intended wear- you just may be able to give those pieces a refreshing new life. 

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Styles and Looks

Style Journal: Alternative Ways to Style Your Versatile Jewelry

As jewelry lovers and designers, we are no stranger to the unopened…


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