We design our boxes based off the size of the product that will be placed inside to ensure there is no wasted space or extra material being used.

Whether you are choosing our exclusive linen bags or specially designed jewelry boxes, we encourage you to re-use them! Our jewelry boxes are a safe place to keep your jewelry and other treasures looking their best.

Our linen bags are great for packing jewelry for travel, holding cosmetics, keeping your headphones tangle free, and so much more!

Use Less Packaging Option

As an eco-friendly option, we have given our customers the option to use less packaging.

This means we are offering the option to forgo individual jewelry boxes in an effort to decrease the amount of cardboard boxes we send out as well as reduce the size of our shipping box. 

By clicking the checkbox for this option at checkout, your jewelry will arrive on designer carding placed in our moon inspired linen bags rather than in individual jewelry boxes.