Two Is Better Than One

The combination of an even number of things, especially in twos has often been synonymous with spiritual alignment. The ability to give and receive love, connection, and all other positive things can only be shared between at least two individuals. Love is felt between two beings, kindness is shared with another, and peace is the result of a union between two or more people. For this reason, the number ‘2’ is often associated with harmony, equalization, and balance. It can also represent two diverse meanings coming together to challenge and transform one another, like in the symbol of yin and yang. Two things independent in nature, combined together means— cooperation, unity, and love. This is The Power of Two!

Here at Luna Norte, we are giving a whole new meaning to the saying “two is better than one” by combining an array of elements to create something visually fresh! The Power of Two collection is innovated with two individual gemstones— matching colors, textures, and even complimentary metaphysical attributes to design styles that are the perfect balance of enchantment and self expression.

We created this brand because we felt there was a void in the market for affordable high quality gemstone jewelry. We ourselves have searched for the right pieces of jewelry to layer and compliment one another, making the perfect mismatched sets. This is what motivated us to design a collection of paired gemstones in coordinating complimentary layering lengths and styles. Each design is a lively piece with two gemstone charms you wouldn’t find together in the same set elsewhere! It’s a chance for us to play with different geometric shapes, mixing hues and gemstone textures.

Each necklace in this collection is specially designed to layer perfectly when worn, with one chain shorter and the other chain longer. The necklaces all include a 2 inch extender chain, giving even more style options to mix with other necklace lengths from our website or from your own vault. Careful thought and intention goes into the stones we hand select for these pieces. Each stone is matched with its perfect pair, creating a mystically harmonious style and color palette. Each mismatched earring pair was designed for you to have fun with and accessorize. It’s fun to look in the mirror and see two different looks and the compliments will be sure to follow.

Namely— our Mint Julep Necklace is designed with Druzy Quartz and Labradorite. Druzy Quartz symbolizes positivity and healing, where Labradorite symbolizes strength, intuition, and serendipity. Where one is believed to instill inner power and transformation, the other is believed to promote positivity with the ability to relieve stress. So the wearer is able to follow their dreams with excitement and courage! Whether or not you believe in the metaphysical qualities of these mystical gems, your true inner strength and confidence lives within you!

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