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Over the years, we’ve seen many different fashions and trends. However, one thing is certain – good style is timeless. We’re looking back at vintage vibes to try and discover looks and styles that have stood the test of time. Oftentimes, and sometimes thankfully, trends come and go. But there are a handful of trends that have stayed: hoop earrings, jewelry with geometric shapes, long layers of chains, and multi-stone beaded necklaces and bracelets. To incorporate all of these trends and offer a contemporary collection of jewelry using vintage aesthetics, Luna Norte curated the Inspired Collection. We’ve outlined the most popular fashions of each decade starting with the 1960s to now, showing you how you can style new jewelry with vintage and retro looks.

Fashion is an incredible statement in history. Looking back, it’s easy to see the way in which people dress directly reflects the times they live in. It wasn’t until the 20th century in the USA that it even was appropriate for women to wear pants. Before this time, women were to wear semi-formal dresses and were meant to stay home, as mothers and housewives. You may be reading this in your cut-off shorts and t-shirt while sitting in your apartment thinking about how the times have changed, and you’re right. The times have definitely changed. We are now free to wear what we want to lead whatever life we wish. See the correlation? 

1960s Fashion

The 60s saw a new wave of fashion that our country had never seen before. This was a pivotal moment for female expression. Until this point, women were expected to wear “proper” attire (though while looking at Grace Kelly’s fashion in Rear Window, that may not have been so bad). This was the decade when it became socially acceptable for women to dress casually in public. Women often wore jeans, capri shorts, and plaid jackets. This was also the era that innovated the shift dress, which is a dress that fits almost like a geometric triangle— tight at the top and loose fitting at the bottom with no waist. This style, still in fashion year round, is best worn with hoop earrings and a medallion pendant necklace. You may also go for a mod look like our Palm Springs necklace which evokes the winsome, abstracted forms of mid-century art and design most popular in this era.

1970s Fashion

The 70s were a revelation for female empowerment and fashion followed suit. Bell-bottom pants, wild colors and patterns, geometric shapes, glitter and sequins, crochet and tie-dye t-shirts took this generation by storm. Women often wore long flowy dresses, jump suits, midi skirts, and peasant tops. It’s easy to imagine these outfits in daydreams of Studio 54, discoing into the late hours to the music of Donna Summers and Elton John. The 70s were a pretty groovy time for fashion that we will forever aspire to mimic. Pair your own 70s-like attire with the Inspired Color Splash earrings, our Studio 54 Hoops, or if you’re more into a Stevie Nicks look, layer with our Victorian Medallion Necklace, Fortune Teller Necklace and a pair of stone hoop earrings.

1980s Fashion

The 80s were vibrant, bold expressions of fashion and creativity. People often wore colorful leather, tulle, oversized clothing and boxy jackets with strong shoulder pads. The palette of this time was virtually every color of the rainbow with bright, playful prints and baggy silhouettes. On the other hand, some dared away from the trends, opting for patched leather motorcycle jackets often worn with tight fitting jeans and laced-up combat boots. This style rose in popularity during this decade along with the height of the punk rock music scene. During this time, women used jewelry as a statement, wearing big costume gold hoops, statement chains, and pearls. Our Artist Palette collection goes perfectly with this style, especially the Milan Beaded Statement Necklace, Liberate Huggie Hoops or Mix Tape Charm Hoop Earrings.

1990s Fashion

The 90s saw grunge become a popular style, largely inspired by mainstream rock bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Flannel button-down shirts, baby doll dresses, halter crop tops, torn fishnet and colorful tights, high-top shoes (Vans and Converse), and combat boots (Doc Martens) all had their heyday during this decade. Collar necklaces like our Ceres Necklace, Rayanne Necklace Set, and Vogue-ready large geometric statement post earrings like our WILD! Labradorite Post Earrings were the go-to for women coming of age in the 90s. This era’s styling is being seen in full force once again; definitely here at Luna Norte – we are excited to pull from the archives and give these styles new life again.

Early 2000s Fashion

The early 2000s fashion was relaxed, casual, and comfortable. People wore jackets, low-rise straight fit or flared jeans and cargo pants, daisy dukes, sleeveless tops, and platform tennis shoes and sandals. Is this evoking memories of the Spice Girls and Britney? Men occasionally spiked their hair (picture the band *NSYNC). Choker necklaces, gold hoop earrings, and puka shell necklaces were big during this time. If you like dresses with an early 2000s style, we’ve revamped and elevated the puka shell necklace with Moonstone beads and Labradorite charms in our April Showers Necklace.

Today's Fashion

The 2010s are the decade of hipsters, unisex grunge and skater style. Essentially, a mixture of all the fashion that came before us reimagined into contemporary styles. We still wear shift dresses, live in our bell bottom pants, throw on our oversized jacket and leggings, and strut in our platform sandals. We’ve curated our own decade’s look from fashions from the past.

If you’re most interested in the real-deal when it comes to vintage fashion, thrift shopping is amazing! It’s hunting for that diamond in the rough, and when you find that classic wardrobe piece, you know it’ll last you a lifetime. If you live or are planning to visit San Diego and are planning on going thrifting, La Loupe Vintage is where you want to go. They have two locations, one in University Heights and one in Normal Heights, (both near North Park), which have plenty of fun vintage spots. You can also find a curated collection of Luna Norte styles at the Normal Heights location, off Adams Ave. Many of the fashion looks featured in our Dare to Dream lookbook were from our friends at La Loupe Vintage.

There’s also some great socially distanced curated outdoor vintage and makers market popups in San Diego coming up for those looking to shop small before the holiday season. Be sure to check out the San Diego Vintage Collective market happening at Liberty Station on December 6th, 2020 to find unique, one-of-a-kind gifts. Our friend Natalie of Nat & Margo Vintage is hosting this event and you bet we’ll be there to support our local makers and curators. Follow their IG @sandiego_vintagecollective for a list of vendors and updates.

The Luna Norte co-owners and team also love to scope out local estate sales and help each other find pieces. We also find many of our styling props and photoshoot outfits at estate sales and thrift stores. The best part is leaving an estate sale having spent only $15, having an entirely new wardrobe, and still having plenty of money left to accessorize and make your personal style unique. Check online to find estate sales in your area to check them out for yourself, happy hunting!

There are many benefits of buying pre-owned clothing, the first being that you can find some beautiful, hard-to-find styles that hold history in their seams. The second, and equally as important, is that it’s good for the environment. Fast fashion is one of the biggest pollutants in the world and if you can repurpose something old then you are doing your part to reduce your footprint. That’s why we design all of our items using quality materials so that our pieces will last and accent you throughout many trends and seasons. We create timeless pieces that compliment any fashion mode you’re in.

Whether your nostalgia is with the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, or 2000s we’ve got a look that will complete your vintage vibe. It’s always fun wearing something new or updating something old fashioned. Accessories are a convenient and stylish way to give your wardrobe a refresh. The Inspired collection is for any age and lifestyle and is made to be versatile, so you can mix and match or customize charms for completely different looks.

Check out our collection, Inspired, to find contemporary jewelry to go with your vintage vibe!

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